Timebeam by Design Limited was a British company founded by Stephen and Anthea Savage specifically to bring a ‘magic’ projecting clock to the market. The company was a successor to Hammoco Designs, which had produced an eclectic range of gift items ranging from jigsaw puzzles and hot air balloon kits to sheep-shaped stools, sold to Heals, Habitat, Neiman Marcus, Roger Horchow Collection and many other well-known leading retailers and mailorder companies around the world.


The Timebeam Classic was an entirely new, innovative product, designed in 1985 by Stephen Savage to project the image of a working clock. The idea had been first conceived during a brainstorming session with Charles Coster over five long days of little business at the New York Gift Show.


The key to Timebeam's success was the ‘through image’ means of projecting the clock image. This unique and complicated design feature was never used by competitors, who instead used a reflected image that lacked the intensity and clarity of the Timebeam image. The Classic was copied by numerous companies, which came and went, but it remained the global leader and industry pacesetter in clock projection for 30 years.


The Timebeam range developed over the years with the Evolution and the New Classic. Next came a completely new lower-cost range of clocks – the MAXISWEEP and MICROSWEEP – which in due course were manufactured in Taiwan and subsequently China. Timebeam was exhibited throughout the world, in Moscow, Helsinki, Tokyo, Panama, Rio de Janeiro, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Reno, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and throughout Europe. It has to be said Timebeam’s marketing was somewhat guided by the directors’ travel desires ...


Timebeam was sold by leading retailers around the world. The Conran Shop in London was one of the first and continued to sell Timebeam for many years. . In New York George Kovaks promoted Timebeam as the most expensive clock they had ever sold.


Timebeam has graced every suite in the world’s first seven-star hotel, the Burj al Arab in Dubai as well as the homes of the world’s rich and famous.


American Express referred to the Timebeam Classic as an ‘antique of the future’.


Timebeam clocks are treasured by enthusiasts worldwide.


Timebeam ceased production in 2015.