Projection Clocks - Wall or ceiling mounted  
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All models now LED powered!

Another world first from Timebeam the originators of clock projection. 


We are now pleased to announce that all our models are now LED powered with a vast lamp life of 30,000 hours and reduced energy consumption.


Find Timebeam clocks bringing magic to thousands of homes, hotels, offices, bars and restaurants and now available with lower running costs and maintenance requirements.


Timebeam were the first to bring you the magic of clock projection and we remain the world leaders, offering models for every use. You will find our clocks in thousands of homes, in hotels (there is one in every suite at the Burj al Arab in Dubai) and in offices, bars, restaurants, architectural spaces and reception areas throughout the world.

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Projection Clocks, Wall or Ceiling Mounted


microsweep3.jpgIn a world where time means everything, projecting clocks from Timebeam offer a unique and innovative way to highlight time. Timebeam projector based clocks generate a bright and vivid analogue clock face image just about anywhere you want. Turn a blank wall or floor area into functional space while adding a stylish, futuristic touch.


The Timebeam projecting clocks can be used at home or in a commercial space. Here are just a few examples of how our projection clocks are used:

  • At home as an interior decorating accompaniment
  • Company reception areas
  • Company meeting rooms  
  • Trade show kiosks
  • Restaurant and bars
  • Company incentive gifts
  • Promotions for new product roll outs

maxisweep3.jpgNow all our clocks are LED powered for long life and lower running costs.

Range of Clocks 

Timebeam offers a great selection of time projecting clocks - wall or ceiling mounted, commercial or home use, standard or custom design. All Timebeam clocks feature a cutting edge, smoothly sweeping second hand function and quality-engineered design.


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